The Sunski Originals are the super comfortable, polarized and colorful wayfarer that gave Sunski its start. We’ve revamped this classic style with an updated-yet-retro look that will make a statement wherever you take them.
Sunski Originals  Purple  $ 48.00
Sunski Originals  Blue  $ 48.00
Sunski Originals  Lime  $ 48.00
Sunski Originals  Pink  $ 48.00
The Headlands are a slate gray version of our classic Sunski wayfarer silhouette. They’re a simple, timeless style that goes with anything and can go everywhere with you.
Sunski Headlands  Lime  $ 48.00
Sunski Headlands  Pink  $ 48.00
Sunski Headlands  Blue  $ 48.00
Sunski Headlands  Black  $ 48.00
We revamped the classic Sunski wayfarer silhouette with a tortoise-shell pattern and rubberized finish. Lightweight and comfortable, the Madronas are ready for whatever adventures you have lined up.
Sunski Madronas  Blue  $ 55.00
Sunski Madronas  Brown  $ 55.00